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APRIL 2007 Projects

Cultural Exchange with Shanghai American School

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics: Should the United States Support the 2008 Summer Olympics
(Image Citation-Flickr Creative Commons http://flickr.com/photos/orbitgal/2254594662/)

FALL 2007 Projects

November 2007: Latin America Adventures

During the month of November we will be researching and building digital stories about countries in Latin America. Our goals for this project are to begin developing and exercising our 21st century skills. These skills are: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Connection, Critical Thinking, and Character. We will use researching and social technology tools to help us produce our reports and enable conversations about what we are learning.

To begin your projects, please see the class handout on "Sights and Sounds of Latin America".
See Class Projects to begin your work!