Faster, Higher, Stronger?
Should the United States support the Summer Olympics in 2008?

Essential Questions:
What factors influence an Olympics?
What are the factors influencing this Olympics?
How can a collaborative, student-centered, choice-based, web-supported project teach us more than a textbook?
How is my learning different when I have responsibility to teach?

A. Olympics—Origin and History
1. Ancient Greece—the first Olympics
2. The first modern Olympics (who is Pierre de Coubertin?)
3. Role of the Olympic Committee
4. The process for a city to be selected to host the Olympics

B. 2008 Olympics—The Beijing Basics
1. Beijing - description of China’s capital city
2. Symbols of the Beijing Olympics—what do they represent (torch & torch route, mascot, rings, etc.)
3. The venues—stadiums, tracks, other buildings
4. Male U.S. athlete/team stand-outs
5. Female U.S. athlete/team stand-outs
6. Top non-USA male contenders
7. Top non-USA female contenders
8. Corporate sponsorships – necessities and criticisms
9. Media coverage – how much is necessary? How much is too much?
10. Relations – what are the benefits from a strong USA/China alliance?

C. 2008 Olympics—The Controversies
1. Background of the tension between China and Tibet
2. Pro-Tibet protests (non-USA based) related to the Beijing Olympics
3. The torch in San Francisco
4. General world-wide protests in support of the Chinese
5. Pros and cons of the USA (and other nations) boycotting the Olympics
6. Pros and cons of ending the Olympics

D. Olympics—Past Controversies
1. Berlin - 1936
2. Mexico City - 1968
3. Munich – 1972
4. Montreal - 1976
5. Moscow – 1980
6. Atlanta - 1996

Culminating Thread: One Image, Multiple Voices (after all VTs presented)
Should the United States support the Summer Olympics in 2008? Should we send the USA team?


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