Berlin Olympics- Ellie George and Kathleen Buffington

Year- 1936

Official name-Games of the XI Olympiad

In 1931 Th International Olympic Committe said Berlin could host the 1936 Olympics. They awarded to them because of Germany's defeat in WW1.

Then two years later, Nazis came into power and persecuted the Jews, Gypsies, handicaped, and elderly in what was calld the Holocaust. The Untied States considered boycotting the Olympics because if they went along with it, it would seem like the U.S was okay with the Holacaust. But some said it was just a contest of athletes nothing political, so no boycotting took place. So, in this event, boycotting did not stop the Olympics.
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The 1936 Olympics are best remembered for Adolf Hitler’s unsuccessful attempt to use them to prove his theories of Aryan racial superiority. But surprisingly, the hero of the 1936 Olympic Games, was the African-American sprinter and long jumper Jesse Owens. For the first couple of weeks surrounding the Olympics the Nazis tried to camoflauge the Nazi ways for example they let one Jewish athlete compete and took down all signs that discriminated. If the U.S might have boycotted the Olympics then maybe th Nazis would have stopped, or done something to help get the hosting back on their side.

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There were 49 Nations, 3,963 people competing (3,632 men and only 331 women). There were 129 events in 19 sports.

When- Two weeks in August of 1936 (August 1- August 16)
Because America wanted to show Germany they were welcome back into the "community" even after losing World War One.
Who-The Nazis
Conflict- America considered boycotting and it might have made an impact on the Holacaust but backed out because they thought it would'nt be fair to the athletes
What- the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin by the Germans

Where- Wehrmacht Kaserne at Doberitz
Similarities- Nazis and Dictators from China were both hurting people(e.g The Nazis- Jews, China- Tibetens(monks and regular people))

Interesting Fact- The Nazis made everyone do the Nazi handshake when up at the potium, even Germany's own Jewish athlete a girl competing for them.

Another Interesting Fact- The 1936 Olympics were also the first to be broadcast on television. Twenty-five very large TV screens were set up throughout Berlin, they allowed all of the local people to see the Games for free! Basketball, canoeing, and team handball made their first appearances, while polo was played in the Olympic Games for the very last time.

Other Facts:
-Many Awards were given to Americas Jesse Owens, since he was an African American, Hilter refused to put the medals around his neck.(4 gold medals)
-Countries that boycotted-Great Britain, France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, and the Netherlands.

-Earlier, Berlin was supposed to hold games in 1916
-Berlin was running against Barcelona to see who would host the 1936 Olympics. Berlin won 43:16
-There were 400 houses in the village where the Olypics took place.

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The Stadium where th Olypics took Place

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