The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta
By George, Shad, and Cooper

About the bombing: A bomb exploded on July 27 in 1996 that killed 1, Alice Hawthorne was struck in the head by a nail 1 person then later resulted in a man having a heart attack which killed him and injured 111 people. Even though the bomb exploded the games continued as planned. the security guard Richard Jewell discovered the bag and alerted the bomb squad and began to investigate the suspicious package then at 1:21am the bomb exploded. The bomber was Eric Rudolph. He also later in 1998 bombed an abortion clinic before he was caught.
Friday, July 26, the ninth day of the 1996 Summer Games the at the AT&T Global Village. 50,000 people were there.
After 12:30 a.m., Richard Jewell,a 33 year old security guard saw an unattended green knapsack underneath a bench close to the sound tower. Jewell pointed the bag out to Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) agent Tom Davis. Davis called in a report of a suspicious package.
Because wires and pipes were in the bag, there was good reason to suspect a bomb. The police ordered that the area around the suspicious knapsack be immediately evacuated. They also called a crew from the Bomb Management Center at Dobbins Air Reserve Base.
Earlier that night, someone had made an anonymous 911 call with a warning that such a device would explode in the Centennial Olympic Park in about a half-hour.
At about 1:20 a.m., doubt about the contents of the knapsack was removed. The bomb inside it went off with a blue flash and a loud boom. Jewell and other workers were knocked to the ground, but many were soon up again and trying to assist the injured.
Some people thought the noise was part of the show.
Debris, nails, screws and shrapnel flew in every direction.
Eric Robert Rudolph is a white male born on September 19, 1966 in Merritt Island, Florida.
The FBI offered a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest.
Unfortunately for the police, Rudolph gained a lot of support from some groups who applauded his choice of targets.
Juries in both Atlanta and Birmingham tried Rudolph on 23 counts on November 15, 2000. The Atlanta grand jury indicted Rudolph for the malicious use of an explosive, as well as the use of a destructive device during a crime of violence, and interstate transportation of an explosive.
Murder charges were not handed down by these juries because that crime must be charged in state courts.

external image 1308230031_ad8bd34acd.jpg?v=0This is a picture of Richard Jewell who first reported seeing the bag containing the bomb.

external image 70928351_3ee0f36bdc.jpg?v=0 This is Eric Rudolph, the Centinnial Olympic park bomber

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