The Atlanta Olympics 1996- Lexie and Anna Kate

-In the Atlanta Olympics horror was the prevailing mood after a terrorist's bomb ripped apart a peaceful Friday evening in Centennial Olympic Park. In the explosion, one woman was killed, 111 people were injured and the entire world was reminded of the terror and tragedy of Munich in 1972.
- The terrorists was named Eric Rudolph- he brought the bomb in to a concert held in Centennial Olympic Park-Jack Mack and the Heart Attack-in a green backpack. Later there was a 911 call a about 12:58 am saying that there was going to be a bombing in 30 minutes. Security guards attempted to get 75 to 100 people out of the area to safety. Then at about 1:20 a.m., doubt about the contents of the knapsack was removed. The bomb inside the green back pack went off with a blue flash and a loud boom! Debris, nails, screws and shrapnel flew in every direction. People screamed in terror and pain. Some people even thought it was part of the show until either themselves or the people around them were getting hurt.
- Ambulances and police cars rushed to the bloody scene. Since the Olympics came to town, Atlanta had stationed about 30,000 security personnel throughout the city so help came quickly. The park was soon closed and security guards prevented some media members from getting to the scene. Top priority had to be given to rescuing and treating the wounded. There were 111 people physically hurt. Alice Hawthorne, a 44-year-old married businesswoman from Albany, Georgia, was killed. Melih Uzunyol, a Turkish television cameraman, suffered a fatal heart attack while running to cover the destruction. His 14-year-old daughter was there and she was badly injured and required a long hospital stay.
-The biggest controversy in many Olympics history happened in the Centenial Park in Atlanta Georgia. There was a terrorist attack and bombing by Muhammad Ali. One woman killed and 111 people injured. Yet though this tragedy happened the games still went on. It has been told that the police were for worned about the bombing, but did not have enough time to evacuate all the people.


Eric Rudolph brought a green backpack into the park. It was how the terrible bomb came into the park.

This is Alice Hawthorne. She was the one person killed in this incident.
This picture is one of the entrances to Centenial Park.
This is Eric Hawthorne.

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