Atlanta 1996 3

By Mitchell Marino & Peter Shoemaker

Everything was hunky-dorey when a bomb went off and partly ruined the olympics. The bomber said that the plan was to ruin the games and make the US government look bad. They did this because the US government recently legalized abortion. The bombers name was Eric Rudolph. The explosion was actually caught on camera. Because of this bombing, one mother died and more than one-hundred people were injured. But still the olympics went on.
On Centenial park stage, on the second Saturday of the Olympics, was the band Jack Mack and the Heart Attack. 12:58 a part time security guard named Richard Jewell spotted a suspicious, unattended bag in the park and alerted the officials, who soon began to clear the area. Then at 1:07 am a 911 caller from a phone booth down the street called and said, "There is a bomb in Centinnial park. You have 30 minutes." Then at 1:20 the bag exploded, spreading shrapnel around a corner of the park. That night Jewell was being praised as a hero. Then he was later suggested as a suspect, but the controversy was settled. There was also a swimming scandal. It was found out in 1998 that the Irish swimmer Michelle Smith de Bruin had masked the steroids in her system with alchohol right before the drug test. She was stripped of her medal and banned from swimming for four years. People noticed early on that it was strange that her times had increased so dramatically so late in her career. The Atlanta Olympics were one of the most extravagant Olympics ever. It cost over 1.7 billion dollars. For the first time ever, no government financial support was recieved. Major corporate sponsors like Coca-Cola financed the games instead. This caused the thought that the olympics have become too commercialized. This was one of the many controversies.The official mascot of the Atlanta Olympics was Izzy


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