Hi. We are Forrest Bell and William Henagan and we did the 1968 Mexico City Olympics for our project. We hope you enjoy!!!

10 days before the games, the Mexican army surrounded a large group of student protesting in this square. This plaza is called the Plaza of Three Cultures. The students were protesting the Mexican government. The soldiers opened fire and killed 267 and wounded over a 1000. It creating a worldwide uproar and sparked much controversy in the olympics. It is one of the worst massacres in Mexico City's history. ||
After John Carlos and Tommy Smith won the bronze and gold medals, they stood barefoot on the winner's platform and held one hand covered in a black glove up in the air; the Black Power salute. The athletes were expelled from the games for violating the olympics long standing rule of no political statements in the games.
On a lighter note, some of the highlights. Several world records were broken. Bob Beamon shattered the previous long jump record with his erratic jumping style. He jumped 29 feet 2 1/2 inches. Al Oerter also won his fourth consecutive discus style; a world record. 5500 athletes attended the games, representing 112 countries.
Dick Fosbury won the gold medal in the high jump with his new, innovative jumping style called the "Fosbury Flop". Debbie Meyer won three gold medals in swimming. Wyomia Tyrus became the first woman to win back-to-back medals in the 100 meter dash. We hope you enjoyed our project. Now go and share your knowledge about the 1968 olympics with the world.